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Welcome to the HUF2017 official Conference website!


HUF2017 will take place from Monday, October 16th to Friday, October 20th, 2017 in KEK, Tsukuba - Japan.


Conference Overview


The HPSS User Forum (HUF) is the annual gathering of the HPSS community, bringing together new and existing HPSS users from around the globe to discuss best practices for managing, operating, monitoring and supporting HPSS installations. Attendees will include technologists, researchers, faculty, postdocs, business and industry representatives involved in the development, implementation, and management of HPSS software.


HEPiX workshop will be held as a co-located event in conjunction with HUF2017. Some sessions and events will be organized together. Registration is needed for each conference.


What is HPSS?


The High Performance Storage System (HPSS) is a flexible, scalable, policy-based Hierarchical Storage Management product, developed as the result of over two decades of collaboration among five Department of Energy laboratories in the USA and IBM, with significant contributions by universities and other laboratories worldwide. It provides scalable hierarchical storage management (HSM), archive, and file system services using cluster, LAN and SAN technologies to aggregate the capacity and performance of many computers, disks, disk systems, tape drives and tape libraries.



Conference Venue


KEK, the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, is one of the world's leading accelerator science research laboratories, using high-energy particle beams and synchrotron light sources to probe the fundamental properties of matter. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, KEK is advancing our understanding of the universe that surrounds us, its mechanisms and their control.


KEK is located at the north part of Tsukuba city. Tsukuba is located to the south of Mount Tsukuba, from which it takes its name. It is known as the location of the Tsukuba Science City, a planned science park developed in the 1960s.



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