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From Narita to Tsukuba Center


You may take an airport bus called "Airport Liner - NATT'S"  bound for "Tsuchiura Station". Tsukuba Center is one station before the final destination. It will take 55 - 70 minutes. The timetable is available here. Tickets from Narita Airport are available at the Keisei Bus ticket counter located in the arrival lobby. The fare is 2,200 yen for an adult. Bus stop numbers are #8 at Terminal-1, and #10 at Terminal-2. For return to Narita Airport, tickets can be purchased at Tsukuba Center as well as at the KEK grocery.


From Haneda/Tokyo to Tsukuba Center


There are several ways from Haneda (Tokyo area) to Tsukuba.


There is a direct highway bus service between Haneda Airport and Tsukuba Center. It will takes about 90 - 120 minutes.


Also you may come to Tsukuba by train from Tokyo area. From TX Akihabara station, it will take 45 minutes by rapid train.

Get enough cash at airport


General Tips


Japan is cash-using country. Taxi, bus, local train ticketing, local restaurants, super markets, etc.,  often do not accept credit cards.


At restaurants, DO NOT pay for your bill at your table nor leave any money on your table. Pay always at the cashier point (same when paying by credit cards). Japan does not have a custom of tipping. You do not need to pay any tip to a taxi driver, at restaurants, etc. 8% consumption tax (VAT) is applied to every purchase. The tax might be included or not in prices; it is case-by case.




Foreign credit and cash cards can be used at




Plugs are the flat 2-pin kind similar to the US. If you have a US plug converter, this will work fine in Japan.


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Restaurant Guide around Tsukuba Station



We are pleased to offer the following three hotels at the conference rates. We block a number of rooms for the conference before September 1st, but we cannot guarantee availability at these hotels once our room block is full. You can book a room by the conference rates from the registration site.  These hotels are located within walking distance from the Tsukuba station.


A. Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba Main Building

    (10,000 JPY per night for one person)


B. Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba Epcochal Building

    (9,000 JPY per night for one person)


C. Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tsukuba

    (9,500 JPY per night for one person)


All rates include breakfast and tax.


We will serve daily shuttles between these hotels and KEK. The buses will depart from your hotels at 8:00 AM sharply. Please do not be late for the leaving time. Please note that the conference bus will pick up/off only at these hotels.


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